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Lindsey Cosyns & Laura Krebs-Holm, Registered Dietitians

Pre-Natal Nutritional Needs for Mom

Growing a human is hard work! You need all the help you can get and we have your nutrition covered. From trying to conceive, through all 3 trimesters, we can help you focus on foods that will keep you energized, glowing, and growing your tiny bundle of joy.

Post-Partum Nutritional Needs for Mom
We know the struggles of being a new mom can be totally overwhelming, and at times you do all you can to keep yourself and your little one alive and healthy. Let us help you with the food and nutrition aspect of it all. Through our expertise and experiences, we have all of your post-partum nutritional needs covered. From eating to promote breast milk supply, to keeping your energy up (Yes! It's possible!), to weight loss after baby, and everything in between - we can help. 

Food Allergies in Baby

Does you baby suffer from any of the following: Colic? Mucous in diaper? Sleep issues? Excessive reflux? Fussiness? Cradle cap? Eczema?

These can all be signs of a food allergy in baby. If your baby has been diagnosed with food allergy or intolerance, or you suspect they may have one, we can help discuss any and all nutritional needs and concerns. From elimination diets in breastfeeding moms to reintroduction of trigger foods, we have your back. We also have an amazing team of lactation consultants, chiropractors, and doctors we can refer you to if additional help is needed.


Baby Led Weaning

Navigating baby's first foods can be challenging, confusing, and sometimes scary! Let us guide you through the introduction of solids, ensure baby's intake is adequate, and help give you peace of mind that your baby is meeting all of their nutritional needs. Baby-Led Weaning is a natural and effective way to introduce solid foods to baby in which the baby takes the lead, and caretakers provide support. It is easier, saves time, and typically less costly than preparing separate foods for the baby (as she eats what you eat) or purchasing pureed foods. It has also been shown to decrease the amount of picky eating, allows for baby to eat intuitively, encourages family mealtime, and has many other health and emotional benefits.

Nutrition for the Entire Family
New challenges arise with a growing family and keeping your family well fed and nourished doesn't have to be one of them. We offer services including meal planning for the entire family, tips and tricks on how to combat picky eating, basic nutrition education covering needs for the whole family, custom designed quick fix recipes and snacks, and much more. Reach out to find out how we can help you and your family truly thrive.​​

About Us

Lindsey and Laura met in grad school as they studied to become registered dietitians. Their passion for wellness and health through nutrition first brought them together, but their love for puppies, popcorn and wine created a rock-solid friendship. The text threads are LONG, my friends, and quite entertaining.

Naturally, when they became mothers, they shared all kinds of new research on breastfeeding, prenatal nutrition, food allergies in littles, and weaning . Then it hit them- they had so many questions and found so much of the new research fascinating, and they were trained in this. But wouldn't ALL new mothers and mamas-2-be feel the same?

They both really wanted to help expectant mothers, new mothers, and mamas of multiples with whatever new nutritional waters they were crossing. Struggling with nausea and fatigue? Been there. Have to figure out how to breastfeed a preemie when your supply isn't ready yet? Done that dance. Dealt with protein intolerances while nursing? We both did that same thing. Want to nourish yourself postpartum because you just created and delivered a tiny human? So did we. Want to explore first foods and weaning? It's the most (and messiest) fun we've ever had.

We believe that motherhood is the most difficult and rewarding thing we ever do. It's also the most important. And it's complicated and frustrating and scary. But you, Mama, are not alone. Let us help you and your family truly thrive.

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Looking for tailored, individualized support? We've got you covered!

Resources and E-Books

From facts and checklists to recipes and plans, you can read your heart out!

Group Classes

We love talking to groups of new and expectant mothers (and fathers!). Does your group have questions about nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery or introducing new foods? We'd love to come talk!


Mama Quotes

"Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.”

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