Dealing with (Food) Rejection

If at first it's not a win, try, try again! You’ve just started introducing solid foods. It's so fun! So you've been dreaming up new foods to introduce to your sweet baby, you go grocery shopping, you cook it up, it hits the plate, and... it's a no. Baby spits it out, turns it away, throws it on the floor, ignores it completely.

Does this mean he hates zucchini? Do not despair! Introducing first foods is actually very stimulating for the littles. Think of it: new colors, shapes, textures, smells and tastes. They have to figure out how to pick up the food, then get it from the tray to their mouth with their hand. And then get it IN the mouth. And then mash it up and around the mouth. It's a lot of learning and work! So if your first introduction of a new food (or second or third) is not a hit, try again another time.

A few things to consider: try the food prepared in a different way, or try presenting it with another variety of foods. For example, if steamed zucchini with chicken and sweet potato gets rejected, maybe try it roasted with a beef meatball and peach. Mix it up! Try serving things warm (not hot), room temperature, and cold. Try different herbs and spices.

Points to remember:

  • Exposure is a good thing! Even if your kiddo ignores or tosses a food several times, keep trying. Just being around it and exploring it with hands, eyes and nose can be helpful!

  • Just like we are more drawn to certain foods on certain days, so are kids! There are days that we aren't in the mood for broccoli and other days, it sounds great! Same thing with them.

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