Happy Holidays! Baby Led Weaning

Many of you asked for some help with baby-led weaning around the holidays. It is such a fun time of year with all kinds of special foods and traditions.

First off, a few key points to remember for feeding babies:

  • Cut foods in appropriate sizes depending on your child’s development (strips, cubes)

  • Avoid whole nuts or nut pieces as these can be a choking hazard

  • Same with dried fruit- avoid these as the can be too chewy and are a choking hazard

  • Avoid honey until 1 year

  • Avoid liquid cow’s milk until 1 year (this includes egg nog)

One of the best parts of BLW is the convenience! Enjoying holiday meals can be as easy as cutting up food for your little one. But there can be a few tricky variables with travel, family, and the holidays.

Here’s some other little tips:

  • If traveling to a relative’s house, pack snacks! Not everyone likes to snack, and they may not have good options in their home.

  • Keep an eye on well-meaning relatives. Make sure your baby isn’t slipped a choking hazard! Baby food trends have changed quite a big over the past few decades, so they may be doing something they tried with their child or had as a child.

  • If you’re staying at someone else’s house and they aren’t always early to rise, bring convenient breakfast items with you to feed your little so baby doesn't get totally off schedule.

  • Travel with a towel to go under baby’s chair if eating at someone else’s house.

  • Bring along your baby's plate, utensils and cup. We pack these in an old lunch bag from work. Throw a bib in there too!

  • Wipes. You can never have too many.

  • Offer to clean up. Clean the table, the chair, the floor where baby was, and help with the dishes.

  • Pick around nuts and dried fruit in baked goods, but you can allow baby to have a bit of the cake or cookie that surrounds it.

Most importantly, try not to stress! Enjoy the holidays and let that baby have dessert!

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