Happy Holidays! Baby Led Weaning Stocking Stuffers

Not sure what to put in that cutie's stocking that isn't a choking hazard? Sure, baby socks are always getting lost and therefore, needed, but there are some other practical, useful, and fun ideas. How about some baby-led weaning and baby eating gear?

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Little forks and spoons can be so helpful for actually getting the food into the mouth, but that takes work. Practice and exposure are where it's at, and in the meantime, utensils are fun to play with.

These tools are not really a spoon or scoop, but more like a paddle that allows for thick soups, yogurt, hummus, applesauce and other purees to sit while baby brings this into the mouth.

These spoons are great because they are bendable, and therefore, you can make these a bit more ergonomic for baby to handle. This an help baby bring the spoon into their mouth more steadily and in a way that may make more sense to them.

If baby often sticks the spoon so far back, it causes them to gag, consider a utensil like these will a little plate that will stop at their mouth before the fork goes in too far.


While still breastfeeding or formula feeding, cups may not always be necessary, we do recommend letting your little one practice with water from the time they start solids.

We love these straw sip cups with lids so you can throw them in a bag with no spills! We also are a fan of cover tops for travel- keeps the germs off the spout or straw!

We also love letting kids practice with a normal cup. Yes. They sill dump water down their entire body. They will fling water all over the floor. They will give the. dog bath. But skills!

Make Food Fun

Crinkle cutters! Great for the beginning stages of BLW because it gives food a bit of a texture and makes it easier for baby to grip the strip. But they keep rocking on later for oven fries and zucchini fingers.

Tiny cookie cutters. SO CUTE. Again, great to add little nooks and crannies for those tiny fingers to hold onto. Think carrots or cucumbers. Later on, you can use these for ages when you start making lunches and snack boxes to add cute little pops of color, and make eating fun!

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