Traveling with Littles: Baby Food, Purees, and Snacks

If you’re getting ready to fly the friendly skies with your little one in tow, there is a LOT to think about. Fear not! We’ve got you covered. If you haven’t read our post about air travel for breastfeeding and pumping mamas, click here. Today, we continue our Traveling with Littles series by tackling baby food, purees, and snacks!

According to TSA: “Baby food is allowed in reasonable quantities in carry-on bags. Remove these items from your carry-on bag to be screened separately from the rest of your belongings.”

This means that jarred baby food, purees, or pouches is not subject to the 3.4 oz limit. If you rely on these to feed your child, pack what you think you’ll need to get through your flight itinerary, any delays, and any lost luggage. Yes, you can buy baby food anywhere, but let’s suppose you land at midnight or later… do you really want to go run out for baby food for the morning? Better safe than sorry!

Other solid foods are allowed as well, and we recommend you pack plenty! Yes, these are great to offer baby instead of airport restaurant food (good luck!), and can keep baby occupied while waiting or in the air. Baby food, purees, pouches, and solids can also help ears pop during ascent and descent as they are chewing and swallowing, which helps release inner ear pressure.

We packed all of our solid foods, including two fruit pouches, into a large gallon plastic bag, and pulled it out to be screened separately at security. So baby’s liquids in one bag, food in another, and I dropped infant Tylenol liquid and diaper cream (just in case) in a third sandwich-sized baggie.

We also recommend packing snacks in handy containers. Like, the puffs container is HUGE, and there’s no way she’s going to eat all that. Plus, she'd grab it, wave it around, and puffs would get everywhere. So we packed them in 1/4 cup plastic containers with lids. This worked great. We cycled through these a few times so she got a variety of noms, which kept her interested and satiated.

While we love making goodies at home to bring with you on the plane, time does not always allow for this. It seriously feels like it takes 4 days to pack for a 5 day trip. So cut yourself some slack and buy pre-made items if you need to! No shame!

Here are some of our favorite travel snacks:

  • Baby/Mini bananas - Perfect size! Portable! Handheld! Fresh!

  • Mandarin oranges - Again, the right size, not terribly messy, and hydrating.

  • Mini muffins - Great way to get in some goodies: shredded zucchini, carrot, mashed sweet potato or squash, applesauce, blueberries, nut butters in whole grain without a lot of added sugar! You can also use a protein pancake mix.

  • Mini loaves (baked in mini muffin tin) - Veggie egg frittatas, quinoa bakes, mini meatloaf… all great ways to tote along bite-sized goodies for your little. With both these and the mini-muffins, you can make these weeks in advance and freeze. Then just pull out a few the night before your flight!

  • Puffs - crunchy, satisfying, easy to eat, low in sodium and sugar

  • Favorite cereal or crackers that baby can eat dry. Things like oat Os, Goldfish, etc.

  • Fruit and veggie pouches - easy snack or part of a meal. Can slurp anywhere!

  • Figgin’ Fruit - okay, yes these have added sugars, but they are small and portable and fun.

  • We did NOT pack TJs Bamba as these are puffed peanut paste, just in case someone on the flight has a peanut allergy!

We also pack an empty cup with a lid and fill up at a bottle filling station when we’re past security. This gave her fresh cool water in the air and we didn't worry about it getting germ-y or spilling everywhere because of the lid.

We have one more part of this series: tips for everything else! Stay Tuned!

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